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I'm a neuroscientist who is all about empowering you as an educator, parent, healer or lifelong learner. I do that by providing you with neuroscience tools that will validate your experience and personal discoveries.


Neuroplasticity and Epigenetics 101 
for Teaching and Healing

This is a 6 module course, delivered online in 1.5 hour weekly sessions over 6 consecutive weeks. It will provide you with the fundamental principles of neuroplasticity and epigenetics, in the context of your practice as a teacher and/or healer. Of course, if you find yourself outside these categories – you are SO welcome to explore this in the context of your life; be it your life as a parent, coach, lifelong learner, or any other domain you find yourself in. My intention is that you use this course as much as you want and can, to empower yourself on your journey, and gain an understanding of neuroscience in a fun and interactive way without doing years and years of studying and research (I did that for you – you’re welcome!).

Neuroscience Workshops & Talks

I lead neuroscience workshops that allow people to grasp and use neuroscience tools to elevate their game (be it career, education, relationships, etc.). Check out this fabulous podcast on neurodiversity, and get a sense of how your topic of interest can be explored through the lens of neuroscience. I deliver workshops on topics ranging from neural pathways underlying specific behaviours, to the neuroscience of  wellbeing, yoga, meditation, and spirituality. 



After completing a PhD in Behavioural Neuroscience, at the University of Melbourne, I took on a post-doctoral position studying Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and motor neurone disease (MND). I did that for several years before getting into teaching and personal and professional development. I taught at Victoria University, and started to deliver Neuroscience workshops for the general public, making this topic easy to understand, without having to do an actual PhD in it! 

​— PhD, Neuroscience.
    The University of Melbourne

​— MSc, Interdisciplinary Oncology.
    The University of British Columbia

​— BA&Sc, Anthropology & Anatomy.
    McGill University

​— Specialist Teaching Certificate 
    The University of Melbourne

What people say about me


I had the privilege of supervising Val’s PhD studies some years ago now, and it is very pleasing to see her translating her basic neuroscience knowledge and expertise as a researcher, educator and sportsperson into a practical communication programme to help people live a healthier, more informed life and to understand the underlying principles of their physiology and brain function.

Prof Andrew Gundlach

Before attending Valeria’s workshop I had some basic knowledge of yoga’s relationship with neuroscience, but had often lost interest or become overwhelmed at further learning. This workshop clearly outlined the physiology of the brain and the various areas that play a role in memory, calm and focus with the use of visuals and the facilitators engaging commentary. 

Dr. Rytova  emphasized the key relationship yoga has with these neurological functions, and brain plasticity, with supporting, well researched case studies. Overall the afternoon was so relevant to my vocational interpretation of yoga, that I regularly recall elements of my learning to enrich my day to day teaching and planning.  

Yoga Teacher

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Rytova for many years. She is an accomplished neuroscientist in her field, however what sets her apart is her humanistic approach and passion for integrating solid, evidence based science with real life practices to enhance the quality and experience of life.

She is an exceptional communicator and presenter with the ability to connect with people from all backgrounds and walks in life.

Tori Paterson, 
Senior HR Consultant

Val is warm and articulate communicator. She is highly skilled in making complex ideas accessible to broad audiences, allowing them to make meaningful connections between lived experience and scientific research. 

Dr. David Sequeira,
Curator & Gallery Director

It was an absolute pleasure collaborating with Dr. Rytova. Her passion for neuroscience was insurmountable during her lecture as she shared remarkable information. 

Brandon Dawson-Jarvis
founder of Grove campus

Valeria is not just a professional within her practices, she is a mother and a woman who takes her job seriously, to bring about positive change in education & support people’s well-being. In the years of knowing her, I’ve experienced her transparency in her truth, and dedication to create a bridge between all ages & cultures, and the importance of merging western ideologies within her work, that respectfully reaches many people from all walks of life. She has proven that her journey is not just a job — it is a role of responsibility in which the exchange of her expertises always includes respect, integrity, and safety. Valeria role models these work ethics within herself, her family, her home, her work and commitments. It’s been an honour to know her and work with her. 

Ivy Smith
Global Indigenous Diplomat, 
Spiritual Healer & Certified Behavioral Specialist

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